Why Do You Need a Firewall?

Online privacy is very important in this era when a person is regularly using the internet. Online privacy is the right of privacy of a person over their personal data like name, age, sex, address and other data. It is very important to maintain one’s privacy as the data can be used for many unwarranted activities.

It has often been seen that credit card payments have been done due to private information being disclosed. Usually, it is very difficult to discern the routes from which the breach of privacy has occurred and often the criminals using the internet for their activities go unpunished. Antivirus are very helpful in preventing breach of online privacy.

Types of firewalls that you can choose from:

Network Layer Filters: these are also called packet filters. There are predetermined rules set for data packet transfer, if the data packet follows the rules they are allowed to pass otherwise they are blocked. Such firewalls filter data according to attributes like the IP address, Source or destination port, TTL values etc. These types of filters are further divided into two categories which are stateful and stateless filters.

In stateful filters the data packet transfer histories are seen and if the packet is similar to existing data it is treated accordingly. Stateless filters do not require any memory and all data is matched with the set of rules.

Application Layer: these firewalls just check the data on the application level. These filters to not check the data but they determine if any connection should be completed or not. This helps in the spreading of many viruses and worms. These filters also check the data packages and compare it to the prescribed rule sets.


Proxies: proxies prevent outside networks from tampering with the system. The proxy networks allow input from internal networks but prevent data packages from entering from outside networks.

Network Address Translation: this hides the address of the host behind a firewall and prevents people from finding out the address from an outside network.



You need better firewall protection than that provided by the firewall of the OS. Don’t just depend on the Windows Firewall. Go in for a good antivirus OS that offers state of the art features such as parental control, spam filtering, anti spyware, antivirus, backup etc. The antivirus provides real time scanning that ensures that no security threat may affect the system at any time.

It is of foremost necessity to prevent breach of any kind of privacy. Your Firewall can help you do that.